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Newark, NJ

New Multifamily - 4 Units

2019 - 2020

Modern Design, 4 unit Multifamily Building.

Features a 2 Bedroom Unit and a 2 car garage on the first floor on the 1st Floor. A rear Duplex Unit at 2nd & 3rd Floors. a Front facing 2 Bedroom Unit at 2nd floor, and an amazing Penthouse facing Front at 3rd floor, entire 4th floor & Roof Top!

(Site Plan Approval with Variances)

Newark NJ

New Multifamily - 30 Units

2018 - 2019

With a modern Insdustrial design, this 30 unit apartment building is one of the latest additions to the Newark skyline!

See more info at &

Kenilworth, NJ

Single Family - Alterations & Addition 

2019 - 2020

This project encompasses a full rehab with rear and second floor addition.

With a Modern American Farmhouse inspired design, features a large living area with open kitchen, and large rear deck with pergola!

Linden, NJ

Single Family - Alterations & Addition

2019 - 2020

With a Modern Industrial Design feel, this is a full rehab with second floor addition,

Watchung, NJ

Single Family - Alterations & Addition

2019 - 2020

This modern American Farmhouse inspired design home, features a breathtaking living area with a beautiful cathedral ceiling. 

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